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HR administration in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Human resources management is one of the key areas of operation in any company. One of its elements is human resources administration, the process which requires both professional knowledge and constant monitoring of legislation changes.  

The services we offer our clients allow them to save time and to be sure that their HR administration is carried out in accordance with all the current regulations and the highest safety standards.

HR outsourcing is aimed at streamlining business processes. It is addressed to small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations with thousands of employees.

HR administration in Poland – scope of the HR services

Contract Administration in Poland offers the following HR services:

  • keeping employee personal files on paper or in electronic form (E-files)
  • data registration in ERP systems
  • preparation of complete employee documentation, including certificates of employment, employment proofs
  • monitoring employment-related deadlines, e.g.:
    • employment contracts
    • medical periodic examinations
    • health and safety trainings
  • determining employee rights (e.g. leaves, notice periods)
  • registration and de-registration of employees and contractors with ZUS
  • compilation of HR data for GUS reports
  • preparation of monthly HR reports
  • support for the client during day-to-day operations (direct contact)
  • support in contacts with external institutions, including those during the inspections from PIP and ZUS
  • monitoring the changes in labour law

HR outsourcing in Poland – selected optional services:

  • registration of an employer (payer of contributions) with ZUS
  • working time settlement (RCP system)
  • on-call duty at the client’s headquarters
  • administration of the PUE system for sick leaves
  • HR review of employee files and preparation of the report after the review
  • support for audits (compilation of data for audits)
  • support in PPK administration
  • processing benefits
  • processing employee requests
  • preparing other reports according to the client’s needs
  • support in the preparation of A1 forms
  • substantive support on selected HR issues during individual workshop meetings

HR administration in Czech Republic – scope of the HR services

Contract Administration in the Czech Republic offers the following HR services:

  • management of staff personnel files
  • reviewing and drafting labour law documents (i.e. contracts, amendments, internal regulations, etc.)
  • managing attendance records/systems
  • administration of benefits
  • preparation of documents for payroll calculations
  • calculation of various employee entitlements (e.g. holiday entitlement, paid time off, notice period, severance pay, basis for calculation of bonuses, etc.)
  • monitoring of important dates in connection with the employment relationship (expiry of probationary period, expiry of fixed-term employment, schedule of OSH training and medical examinations)
  • processing and calculation of travel allowances
  • HR reporting
  • reviewing and setting up processes

HR administration in Slovakia – scope of the HR services

Contract Administration in Slovakia offers the following HR services:

  • implementation and administration of attendance and HR systems benefits management,
  • labour law,
  • occupational safety,
  • talent management (assessment and development centres),
  • competency models,
  • recruitment,
  • management of personal files of employees,
  • revision and preparation of labour law documents (i. e. contracts, internal regulations),
  • management of attendance records / systems,
  • benefits management,
  • preparation of documents for wage calculation,
  • calculation of the employee’s various entitlements (e. g. holiday entitlement, paid leave, period of notice, severance pay, basis for calculation of remuneration, etc.),
  • monitoring of important dates in connection with the employment relationship (expiration of probationary period, expiration of fixed-term employment, schedule of occupational health and safety training and health examinations),
  • processing and calculation of travel allowances,
  • HR reporting,
  • process review and setup.

Part of our solution is the possibility of setting up a hotline for your employees or the presence of CA consultants at your company’s premises (so-called duty hours).

HR outsourcing

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HR outsourcing – key benefits

Effectively implemented HR administration helps streamline human resources processes within an organisation and make optimal use of resources, this is why it is worth entrusting it to specialists. HR outsourcing provides companies with numerous benefits, such as:

Cost reduction

Saving on operational costs is one of the most significant benefits provided by HR outsourcing. Clients who use the service do not have to employ HR staff and look for replacements in the event of long-term absences and do not incur costs on this account. They also do not have to invest in professional human resources and payroll systems and their updating to meet changing regulations.

Compliance with regulations

A professional HR service provider updates its knowledge on changing labour law on an ongoing basis. Clients using such a service gain confidence that their HR processes are performed in compliance with the regulations. Moreover, having entrusted Contract Administration with HR administration, clients do not have to bear the costs of trainings for their HR staff.

Transfer of liability

Under HR outsourcing, full responsibility for HR processing is transferred to Contract Administration. We are responsible for the correctness of the prepared documentation and contacts with the authorities (PIP and ZUS inspections).

Modern IT tools

As part of our services, we provide access to our proprietary Asistar platform, which supports the digitisation of HR processes. The platform enables our clients to use, among other things, the e-File or electronic leave requests. The range of Asistar functionalities is tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Data confidentiality

We guarantee full security of the data entrusted to us – these data are processed and stored in accordance with strict security standards.

Comprehensive services

We also provide consulting in the area of human capital, which is directly related to human resources and is about improving the effectiveness of employees. This is possible thanks to modern methods of defining competences and remuneration policy. Our service also includes assistance in creating a Management Through Objectives system. All elements of our offer are compatible with each other and together they ensure comprehensive HR and payroll services.

Why choose Contract Administration HR outsourcing?

Highest quality services – ISO 9001

We hold ISO 9001 certification, which confirms that the HR outsourcing and payroll outsourcing we offer to our clients are services that meet the highest quality standards and that we are constantly developing them.

Security certificate – ISO 27001

We ensure the highest level of security for the data entrusted to us by our clients. The guarantee of adequate data protection is the international security certificate – ISO 27001, which confirms that we have implemented and follow an Information Security Management System.

Compliance with the GDPR

We provide HR and payroll services under current data protection regulations and in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Competent team

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the area of HR and payroll administration. They systematically update their knowledge and improve their qualifications. They provide customers with ongoing support at every stage of cooperation and select solutions optimally suited to the needs of a given company.

Convenient locations

We offer HR and Payroll outsourcing services in each of our locations, clients may also take advantage of our online services. We work in four service centres in Poland – in Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków and Łódź. We also have three branches abroad – in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Flexible offer

We offer our clients the opportunity to flexibly adapt our offer to their individual needs. At Contract Administration, HR outsourcing means not only receiving support from experts in this field but also the opportunity to use tools designed to make internal processes easier to cope with. Our solutions include cooperative outsourcing, under which we provide our clients with the opportunity to work on our HR and payroll systems.

Modern technology solutions

We provide our clients and their employees with access to the Asistar portal. The portal enables e.g. submitting leave requests in an electronic version or registering working time (RCP). Thanks to the automation of HR operations, employees and employers gain fast access to the necessary information. Asistar improves the circulation of information and increases the security of data access.

Over 30 years of experience

We are one of the first professional firms offering HR and payroll outsourcing in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. For over 30 years we have acquired knowledge and experience allowing us to develop optimal and safe solutions, appreciated by over 500 clients enjoying our services.

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HR and payroll outsourcing – step by step

How to get ready for HR and payroll outsourcing and what should you pay attention to?

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