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Asistar employee portal

Asistar is a proprietary Contract Administration solution which streamlines and automates HR and payroll processes for our clients.

Asistar is a modern self-service platform providing employees and managers with access to employee data and documents, automating the onboarding and leave application process and streamlining the working time settlement. Thanks to integration with our HR and payroll system, data is updated on an ongoing basis.

The platform is available 24/7 from a web browser, including mobile devices.

Asistar E-Files – full digitisation of employee records

Asistar includes the e-File module. Asistar E-File is one of the few solutions on the Polish market offering the transition to a fully electronic form of employee records. The platform meets all existing legal requirements for this type of systems.

System users

Depending on the granted authorisations, the client’s employees may have access to defined information resources, under conditions of confidentiality.

The Asistar employee portal is dedicated to:

Employees – access to electronic version of their data and documents, opportunity to download documents, submit requests, check statuses, e.g., absences or communicate with the HR department

Managers access to data of subordinate employees, planning and settling team working time, generating reports

HR administratorsaccess to all data, managing access for employees and managers

Asistar 2.0 – key functionalities

The modular structure of the Asistar platform allows our clients to benefit from all or selected functionalities of this solution.

Electronic processing of annual leave requests (E-leave requests)

E-Payslips and E-PIT

Data exchange platform

1. Electronic personnel file (E-File)

According to legislation in force, employers have the option of keeping employee records on paper or electronically. The form of keeping employee records can be changed at any time.

The transition to electronic employee records, i.e., the implementation of E-File compliant with the legislation, requires:

  • providing each document with the metadata specified in the Regulation
  • fulfilment of technical quality requirements for e-documents 
  • if the document is converted from a paper document to an electronic one, the document must additionally be provided with a qualified electronic signature or an electronic seal

Asistar E-File guarantees the full digitisation of employee documentation, in accordance with legal requirements. Thanks to metadata and electronic seals / electronic signatures, documents in the E-File have the same status as paper ones, and therefore employers enjoy only the online version, eliminating traditional paper files.

We offer E-File implementation for:

  • new employees
  • new and current employees – including digital mapping of current employees’ paper files

CA e-File fulfils the technical requirements for the digital reproduction of documents, according to the Regulation on employee records.

2. Self-service for employees

Employees working with the Asistar platform, depending on the selected modules, gain constant access to their basic data, concerning, e.g.:

  • valid personal data
  • conditions of employment
  • leave periods
  • the validity of health and safety trainings and occupational health examinations
  • documents relating to pay, e.g., payslips

After logging in to their Asistar profile, employees will have the option to:

  • have access to their own e-Files
  • complete their starter packages via e-Forms
  • apply for a change of data via e-Forms
  • apply to register a family member with ZUS via e-Forms
  • handle requests for holiday leaves 
  • request a certificate, e.g., employment and remuneration (with the possibility to attach bank documents in PDF format)
  • submit requests for benefits (joining, changing or resigning)
  • send enquiries directly to CA specialists (in agreed subject areas)

3. E-payslips

Asistar provides employees with access to an electronic version of their contractual remuneration information (payslip). Each employee can download their payslip independently.

4. E-PIT

The platform provides access and the option to download an electronic version of the PIT-11 form, completed by employers.

5. Electronic processing of leave requests (E-leave requests)

The Asistar employee portal makes it possible for employees to submit e-leave requests, which are automatically forwarded to their superiors for approval. The system verifies each employee’s annual leave entitlement, providing continuous access to information on accrued and taken leave.

Electronic leave requests – 5 key benefits

6. Working time planning and settlement (RCP system)

The Asistar platform enables employers to automate the process of working time settlement. The system records and analyses information on working time, providing managers with data necessary to plan and settle the working time of their teams.

By automating the process, safety is increased, errors are eliminated and compliance with legislation is ensured.

RCP Asistar

7. Data exchange platform

The solution offers a fast and secure exchange of data between Contract Administration and our clients, without the need to use e-mails or attachments.

The Asistar data exchange platform offers:

  • rapid transmission of information (in real time)
  • access to data from anywhere in the world (web browser, mobile devices)
  • clear way of organising and distributing data (readable folders and diagrams)
  • reduction of paper documentation (electronic document circulation)
  • data security (access to the account encrypted with SSL protocol, daily backups, reliable Polish servers)
  • dedicated technical support channels for employees

Asistar employee portal – key benefits:

Streamlining HR processes

The Asistar platform streamlines the services for all employees working for the client’s company, providing convenient and fast access to resources in an electronic version and enabling users to submit applications or download documents on their own. 

Reducing the workload of HR department

The self-service functionality reduces the workload of the client’s HR staff considerably, thus they do not have to be involved in the provision of documents and data to employees.

Saving time

Asistar provides constant access to real-time updated data, so that the employees do not have to wait for information from their supervisors or HR department.

Data security

The Asistar platform, thanks to its advanced security systems, guarantees effective data protection. Only authorised users have access to information, in accordance with the level of authorisations granted to them. The electronic form of data and documents also protects against loss or destruction.

Compliance with regulations

Our solution fulfils legal requirements and is also being adapted to new regulations if legislation changes.

Increased staff satisfaction

Access to a modern tool, the convenience of acquiring information and the independence it provides have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

Reducing paper consumption

Migrating to e-documents measurably reduces paper consumption, freeing up space and other resources needed for document storage, as well as positively impacting environmental protection.


The modular structure of the Asistar platform means that the range of functionalities used can be adapted to individual client needs and requirements.

Asistar employee portal – find out more!

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