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Working time settlement (RCP System)

Working time settlement (RCP System)

Settlement of working time is a much broader issue than working time registration. It requires gathering and analysing various working time data and converting them into information that helps employers to plan and manage employees’ working time more effectively.

We offer our clients access to the RCP System (Working Time Settlement), which is part of our proprietary Asistar platform. The Asistar RCP system is a tool adapted to the requirements of Polish law regulations. It automates the process of working time settlement. The system is designed both for managerial staff and HR and payroll departments, as well as for employees.

RCP system users:

  • Employees – the basic group of tool users,
  • Managerial staff – users who have access to data of their subordinates,
  • HR administrators – entitled to access all modules with a view of all employees’ data.

RCP Asistar has a convenient and easy-to-use interface and is mobile friendly. The system is available through a web browser and does not require installation of any additional applications.

The scope of access for RCP System users is defined by the individual needs of the particular employer.

Asistar RCP system – key functionalities

The Asistar Working Time Settlement System consists of six basic modules. Each of them supports users at a different stage of the working time recording and calculating. The RCP system is provided with a series of validations responsible for verifying the correctness of the data entered, e.g. compliance with an employee’s work plan or maintaining the required number of hours of rest during a day or a week. This allows to eliminate potential errors and ensures compliance of the whole process with the applicable labour law provisions.

RCP system main modules:

1. Keeping employee records

This module provides access to information about employees including the start and the end date of employment and the employment dimension.

2. Working time planning

The Working Time Planning module automates the process of working plans preparation including all restrictions and limitations resulting from the applicable labour law provisions. The planning process is carried out on the basis of schedule templates defined by the RCP system. The system allows to create any working time schedule template, which is then assigned to a particular employee.

3. Applications registering

The Applications Registering module allows users to enter, view and accept quickly and conveniently all employees’ applications, for example overtime requests. Thanks to the automatic circulation of information, the system significantly accelerates and improves the process of working time registering and provides employees and managers with the constant access to up-to-date data on work time and absences.

4. Working time accounting

This module calculates working time, both for monthly periods (e.g. night hours, daily overtime) and for settlement periods. The settlements can be made on the basis of the data from access card readers and/or on the basis of the data recorded by the system. After approval, the data are automatically settled in the RCP system and the accepted results are sent to the ERP system.

5. Reporting

The reporting function enables quick and convenient report generation, in many different configurations, depending on the individual needs of the particular employer, e.g.:

  • Work plan
  • Overtime limit
  • Overtime hours worked

RCP system – additional information

Integration with other systems

The automatic Working Time Settlement System can be connected via a bidirectional interface to the ERP system, thus enabling fast data exchange and ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, the system is integrated with the Asistar vacation workflow module, which is used to handle employees’ vacation leave requests.


The infrastructure within which Contract Administration offers IT solutions to its clients has a high level of safeguards covered by an information security management system certified in accordance with ISO 27001. Strict safety procedures guarantee the protection of both data and confidential information.

The connection with Asistar platform is secured by HTTPS protocol and Symantec SSL certificate, it undergoes periodic penetration tests and is subject to BCP/DRP plans. User access management is based on the highest standards of data protection. 

System operation

The operation of the RCP system is very intuitive, so it will not cause any problems even for the least advanced users. The system can be accessed from a web browser. The RCP system has a built-in operating manual, facilitating the work with the system for new users.

More than 500 clients trust us:

Asistar RCP – key users’ functionalities

The automation of working time settlement improves and systematizes a number of everyday activities performed by employees and employers.

Implementation of the RCP system provides:

Facilitating and shortening the process of working time recording and calculating

Compliance of the whole process with applicable labour law provisions

Minimising the risk of human error and incorrect working time calculation

Data security

Constant access to up-to-date information on employees’ working time

No need to install additional software

Integration with ERP / HR and payroll system

Easy access to data by authorised users from a web browser

Easy and intuitive system operation

Flexibility in introducing system modifications

Possibility to generate multiple report categories

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