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Payroll outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Payroll outsourcing means cooperating with an external company and outsourcing activities such as calculating employee salaries, social security contributions and tax obligations. This service is provided in accordance with labour law, tax law and with respect to the specific nature of a given enterprise.

The payroll outsourcing offered by Contract Administration is aimed at streamlining our clients’ business processes in this area. Cooperation with us guarantees security and continuity in the handling of payroll for employees, as well as ongoing adaptation of operations and systems to legislation changes.

In our work we use renowned HR and payroll systems, we also invest in the development of our own IT tools. Moreover, we provide the opportunity to operate on the client’s systems or in a mixed model.

We offer payroll outsourcing services to companies of all sizes, flexibly adapting the service to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, as well as companies not based in Poland, Czech Republic or Slovakia but employing staff in these countries. We provide services in Polish, English, Czech and Slovak.

Payroll in Poland – scope of the payroll services

Our payroll outsourcing services cover the entire process of calculating salaries for our clients’ employees, as well as the related obligations towards the tax and social security authorities, Employee Capital Plans (PPK), Employee Pension Scheme (PPE).

As part of our payroll services, we provide:

  • correct and timely calculation of salaries for employees, with full confidentiality of processed data
  • drafting instructions for making payments to employees and related liabilities (inter alia Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Tax Office (US), National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON))
  • preparing and providing employees with electronic versions of the following documents on the Asistar employee portal:
    • individual ZUS IMIR forms integrated with pay slips
    • PIT declarations
    • individual annual salary cards
  • preparing declarations required by law on account of statutory liabilities towards the US, ZUS and PFRON
  • support in contacts with US, ZUS, PFRON during inspections
  • processing of financial PPK reports
  • preparing files for the accounting module
  • accounting for cash benefits under social insurance in case of sickness or maternity
  • cooperation with internal and external auditors
  • preparing net payroll payments to client employees
  • preparing payroll reports for internal client departments.

In addition to standard payroll services, we flexibly adapt the scope of cooperation to the individual needs of our clients.

Payroll outsourcing – selected additional services in Poland:

  • Preparation of ERP-7 certificates
  • Dealing with administrative and bailiff seizures
  • Preparation of the leave reserve report within the agreed deadlines
  • Preparation of corrections to ZUS settlement reports
  • Preparation of other statements and reports required by a given organisation.

Payroll in Czech Republic – scope of the service

As an accounting firm we deal with external payroll processing, especially for small and medium-sized companies. In the vast majority of cases, this is a clearly defined process that includes the activities listed below. We adapt solutions for larger companies in Contract Administration to already set processes and specific needs of the given company.

The payroll agenda could be summarised in the following areas:

  • managing payroll records and outputs in full compliance with current legislation and internal regulations
  • processing of inputs and outputs
  • processing changes in personnel output and payroll data
  • processing of applications and withdrawals of company employees in connection with social and health insurance
  • importing attendance based on the output from the attendance systém
  • settlement of monthly gross wages, holiday pay, bonuses, overtime, non-monetary income and other forms of remuneration and compensation (e.g. cars, dividends…)
  • calculation of deductions from wages and net wages
  • calculation of income tax, social security and health insurance contributions
  • preparation of recapitulation of payroll calculation, management and statistical reporting (Trexima, UPN)
  • preparation of documents for wage accounting (general ledger report)
  • preparation of payment orders for the payment of net wages, taxes, social and health insurance or other payments to third parties (contributions to private PF, payments to bailiffs, etc.)
  • the possibility of transferring funds to the Contract Administration client account which then ensures the distribution of individual payments
  • printing of hidden payslips, possibility of distributing electronic payslips in password-protected PDF, possibility of generating electronic payslips on the E-portal
  • preparation and sending of statutory monthly reports
  • preparation of income certificates, credit slips, ELDPs and other certificates as required
  • processing of the annual payroll agenda including the calculation of the mandatory share of persons with reduced working capacity
  • completion of annual payroll receipts
  • provision of information on major changes in labour law, social security, health insurance and personal income tax

Payroll in Slovakia – scope of the service

External wage processing for SMEs is, in the majority of cases, a very clearly definable process that includes the activities listed below. Contract Administration adapts the solution for larger companies to the already set processes and specific needs of the given company.

  • management of payroll records and outputs in full compliance with current legislation and internal regulations,
  • processing of inputs and outputs,
  • processing of changes in personnel and payroll data,
  • registration of newcomers and cancelling of the registration of leavers in regards to the social and health insurance,
  • tailor made import of attendance based on the output of the client’s attendance system,
  • settlement of monthly gross salary, holiday pay, bonuses, overtime, non-cash income and other forms of bonuses and allowances (e.g. cars, dividends …),
  • calculation of deductions from wages and net wages,
  • calculation of income tax, social insurance, health insurance, pension savings,
  • elaboration of salary calculation, managerial and statistical reporting (Trexima),
  • preparation of the general ledger report,
  • preparation of payment orders for the payment of net wages, advances, withholding tax, social and health insurance, pension savings, or other payments to third parties,
  • the possibility of transferring funds to the client’s CA account, which will then ensure the distribution of individual payments,
  • printing of discrete payslips, the possibility of distributing electronic payslips in a password-protected PDF, the possibility of generating electronic payslips on the E-portal,
  • preparation and submission of statutory monthly reports,
  • preparation of confirmation of employee’s income, wage records (“zápočtový list“), pension records and other receipts as required,
  • providing information on major changes in labour law, social security, health insurance and personal income taxes,
  • processing of the annual payroll:
    • completion of annual payslips,
    • execution of the annual tax reconciliation,
    • calculation of the so-called compulsory share of persons with lower working ability.

Payroll outsourcing

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Payroll outsourcing – key benefits

Optimisation of resources and costs

By outsourcing payroll services our clients may concentrate on their core business areas, thus optimising the costs of hiring specialists. Transparent rules for delivering payroll services and predetermined costs simplify the budgeting process as well.

Data security

Data provided to Contract Administration under the payroll outsourcing services will be used in accordance with the data entrustment agreement. The rules for processing and storing data provided to us by clients are covered by, inter alia, the international standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001.


Our specialists follow the changes in the labour law on an ongoing basis and participate in industry trainings, thus ensuring a high level of expertise and guaranteeing law-compliant performance of commissioned services.

Support during inspections and audits

CA employees support clients at every stage of your contact with the inspectors or auditors whenever an inspection or audit takes place. Transparency and responsibility for the services provided allow for a smooth running of an inspection or an audit.

On-time services

Payroll services provided by Contract Administration are delivered on a schedule agreed upon in advance by both parties. This guarantees comfort to employers and a sense of security to employees when it comes to correct and timely payroll calculation. Contract Administration’s employment structure in teams guarantees continuity of service.

Electronic documents

Payroll documents, such as payslips or PITs, are uploaded to Asistar proprietary platform. This solution guarantees cost savings, paper saving and access to data at any time.

The key benefits of payroll outsourcing are the optimisation of resources and costs, the high quality of the services provided, confidentiality of the data entrusted and continuity of service.

Why Contract Administration payroll outsourcing?

Highest quality services – ISO 9001

The payroll and HR outsourcing offered by Contract Administration is a guarantee of the highest quality in process management. The ISO 9001 certification we have received confirms that our services are not only of a high standard, but also constantly improved.

Security certificate – ISO 27001

For our clients, we guarantee the security of the data entrusted to us, documented by the international security certificate ISO 27001, which confirms the implementation and application of the Information Security Management System.

Compliance with GDPR requirements

Our payroll services are provided in accordance with current data protection legislation and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Team of experts

HR and payroll specialists from CA have not only the expertise, but also the practical experience, which allows them to select the best solutions for clients’ needs and provides ongoing support at every stage of cooperation. Our experts constantly upgrade their knowledge and qualifications. Thanks to this, our services are performed in accordance with the highest standards.

Convenient locations

The HR and payroll outsourcing of Contract Administration is operated by 250 specialists. We provide clients with the opportunity to use our services online and at our four service centres in Poland – in Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków and Łódź, as well as at three branches abroad – in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Flexible offer

We provide our clients with the flexibility to adapt our offer to their individual needs. HR and payroll outsourcing provided by Contract Administration means not only access to experts in this field, but also the opportunity to take advantage of the tools which make it easier to run internal processes. One of our solutions is cooperative outsourcing, under which we enable our clients to work on our modern and regularly updated HR and payroll systems.

Modern technology solutions

Simultaneous with the payroll outsourcing service, clients and their employees are provided with access to the Asistar portal. It enables downloading pay slips and PITs in an electronic version. Thanks to the automation of payroll operations, employees and employers gain fast access to essential information. Asistar streamlines the circulation of information and increases security of data share.

Over 30 years of experience

Contract Administration, with over 30 years of experience, is a stable and trustworthy business partner. A large number of our employees, as well as clients, have been with us almost from the very beginning. Our experience allows us to provide services of the highest quality.

Payroll outsourcing – find out how we can help!

HR and payroll outsourcing – step by step

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