Payroll in Poland – scope of the payroll services

Our payroll outsourcing services in Poland cover the entire process of calculating salaries for our clients’ employees, as well as the related obligations towards the tax and social security authorities, Employee Capital Plans (PPK), Employee Pension Scheme (PPE).

As part of our payroll services in Poland, we provide:

  • correct and timely calculation of salaries for employees, with full confidentiality of processed data
  • drafting instructions for making payments to employees and related liabilities (inter alia Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Tax Office (US), National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON))
  • preparing and providing employees with electronic versions of the following documents on the Asistar employee portal:
    • individual ZUS IMIR forms integrated with pay slips
    • PIT declarations
    • individual annual salary cards
  • preparing declarations required by law on account of statutory liabilities towards the US, ZUS and PFRON
  • support in contacts with US, ZUS, PFRON during inspections
  • processing of financial PPK reports
  • preparing files for the accounting module
  • accounting for cash benefits under social insurance in case of sickness or maternity
  • cooperation with internal and external auditors
  • preparing net payroll payments to client employees
  • preparing payroll reports for internal client departments.

In addition to standard payroll services, we flexibly adapt the scope of cooperation to the individual needs of our clients.

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Payroll outsourcing in Poland– selected additional services:

  • Preparation of ERP-7 certificates
  • Dealing with administrative and bailiff seizures
  • Preparation of the leave reserve report within the agreed deadlines
  • Preparation of corrections to ZUS settlement reports
  • Preparation of other statements and reports required by a given organisation.

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Payroll outsourcing in Poland

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