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Cooperative outsourcing

What is cooperative outsourcing?

HR and payroll outsourcing has been commonly used for years by companies from a variety of sectors. Depending on the needs of external organisation, it is possible to outsource both the entire HR and payroll processes, as well as their individual elements.

Some entrepreneurs, although they are aware of how much time and money HR services consume, decide to keep HR departments within the structures of their companies. To meet their needs, we propose a solution which is the cooperative outsourcing.

In cooperative outsourcing, we make modern HR systems available, to be used by the HR departments of our clients, whereby the payroll processes are handled by CA.

Clients who benefit from cooperative outsourcing are guaranteed that the HR system provided by CA, which is used by their internal HR department, meets all security requirements and complies with current legislation and is updated on an ongoing basis.

In our work, we use renowned HR and payroll systems, as well as systems supporting the automation of HR processes. We have also created our own Asistar platform, which is used by over 100 000 employees of our clients.


Our technologies

Cooperative outsourcing is a service dedicated to all companies, from large corporations to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. We approach each project individually, offering HR modules tailored to the needs and capacities of our clients.

Cooperative outsourcing – scope of the service

Under our cooperative outsourcing service, we provide:

  • selection and implementation of modern HR tools, software and applications for companies, in accordance with their business specifications
  • preparation of client companies’ software systems for starting work on the HR system provided
  • providing training to the client’s employees on how to use the applications and modules of the HR and payroll programme made available to them
  • analysis of the IT tools provided in terms of their adaptation to the client’s needs (whether they are sufficient for effective execution of HR processes), recommendations and implementation of improvements / additional HR modules, if necessary
  • professional support for HR departments of companies using the system provided
  • full technical care services directed to persons working on the system provided

Cooperative outsourcing – additional services

For clients taking advantage of cooperative outsourcing, we can additionally offer HR services, such as:

  • setting up employee records,
  • a tool for the automatic working time settlement (RCP System),
  • providing training and workshops for HR staff on labour law, tax law and personal data protection (GDPR)
  • on-call duty of our experts and providing support and assistance regarding HR and/or payroll,
  • HR audit, i.e. verification of the personnel files in order to determine whether they are maintained in accordance with the requirements and current legislation.

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Cooperative outsourcing – key benefits

Cost reduction

Clients using the CA HR system do not have to invest in the purchase, maintenance and updating of their own system, nor do they have to incur the associated IT department costs. Providing the CA HR system to the client’s employees ensures that they can work on an efficient and fast tool, which eliminates the need to employ additional experts.

Legal security 

Clients using the system provided by CA can be sure that it is up-to-date and compliant with current legislation.

Ongoing IT and technical support

We provide full technical support during the implementation of our HR system. CA experts also conduct workshops and trainings, teaching employees how to use the system provided. We also offer the opportunity to make use of our experts’ on-call duty, particularly during the initial period of working with the new HR system.

Additional IT tools

The users of our HR system have the opportunity to benefit from additional software applications and tools which we use in our daily work as part of the implementation of HR processes.

Comprehensive support

As a member of the Advartis Group we also specialise in broadly understood HR advisory and optimisation of payroll and HR processes so that they work effectively and flawlessly. We advise on how to properly use the potential of our HR system so that the HR department can successfully achieve its objectives.

Cooperative outsourcing – find out how we can help!

HR and payroll outsourcing – step by step

How to get ready for HR and payroll outsourcing and what should you pay attention to?

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