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Employee evaluation system

How does the employee evaluation system work?

The efficient use of human resources and monitoring of employee performance not only promotes business growth, but also has a positive impact on team motivation and satisfaction. It is important to both appreciate employees and regularly evaluate their efforts. Verifying an employee’s potential and assigning responsibilities according to an employee’s capabilities results in an increase in productivity, and thus improves the work of both individual departments and the entire company.

The system of periodic employee evaluation helps to improve the accuracy of personnel decisions, facilitates deciding on promotions and dismissals as well as planning succession.

We offer the implementation of an effective system of periodic evaluation of employees and a diagnosis of work efficiency, as well as HR advisory services for small, medium and large companies so that they can operate even more efficiently, regardless of their size.

Employee evaluation system – scope of our services

An effective employee evaluation system should be comprehensive. In our approach we focus not only on the assessment of employees, but also on the optimisation of HR processes and improvement of team management. That is why, we offer HR advisory services and training courses aimed at upgrading employees’ skills and competencies and provide payroll support as well.

The Contract Administration employee evaluation system covers:

  • work performance diagnosis – the assessment of both employee and employer, we analyse and compare work performance indicators, examine the volume of employment in particular areas of expertise, check the current methods of human resources management and on that basis, we prepare recommendations to maximize work efficiency,
  • audit of an employee evaluation system – analysis of the method of employee evaluation used so far and its possible correction – implementation and shaping of innovative employee evaluation systems tailored to the individual needs of organization,
  • implementing the system of management by objectives – we implement a performance management system and train managers to operate it,
  • competency profiles – we create competency models for different positions to facilitate the assessment of job applicants,
  • development of managerial competence – we prepare managers to evaluate employees in a way that guarantees building appropriate motivation.

We also offer customised solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

More than 500 clients trust us:

Employee evaluation system – key benefits

HR process optimisation

comprehensive consulting in the area of human resources management and employee evaluation makes it possible to organise processes and optimally use employee potential. An efficient employee evaluation system allows for proper assignment of tasks to the right employees and streamlines processes at every stage.

Work efficiency increase

employee evaluation allows to gather information about work efficiency in an organisation, identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions, e.g., trainings for managers and lower-level employees. An employee evaluation system saves working time and boosts the effectiveness of employees.

Transparent rules

the criteria for employee evaluation are objective and transparent and its aims are clearly communicated, which positively influences the involvement of a team in the process.

Effective talent management

the implementation of an employee evaluation system facilitates the management of career paths within an organisation and allows the optimal use of a team’s potential.

Recruitment optimisation

competency profiles simplify the assessment of employee skills and thus increase the efficiency of recruitment processes.

Better personnel decisions

periodic employee evaluation provides HR and managers with valuable information about the team, which results in more effective HR management.

Cost reduction

the employee evaluation system also brings benefits in the form of cost reduction – greater efficiency generates higher profits and requires less money.

Employee evaluation system – find out how we can help!

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