Payroll in Slovakia – scope of the payroll services

External wage processing for SMEs is, in the majority of cases, a very clearly definable process that includes the activities listed below. Contract Administration adapts the solution for larger companies to the already set processes and specific needs of the given company.

As part of our payroll services in Slovakia, we provide:

  • management of payroll records and outputs in full compliance with current legislation and internal regulations,
  • processing of inputs and outputs,
  • processing of changes in personnel and payroll data,
  • registration of newcomers and cancelling of the registration of leavers in regards to the social and health insurance,
  • tailor made import of attendance based on the output of the client’s attendance system,
  • settlement of monthly gross salary, holiday pay, bonuses, overtime, non-cash income and other forms of bonuses and allowances (e.g. cars, dividends …),
  • calculation of deductions from wages and net wages,
  • calculation of income tax, social insurance, health insurance, pension savings,
  • elaboration of salary calculation, managerial and statistical reporting (Trexima),
  • preparation of the general ledger report,
  • preparation of payment orders for the payment of net wages, advances, withholding tax, social and health insurance, pension savings, or other payments to third parties,
  • the possibility of transferring funds to the client’s CA account, which will then ensure the distribution of individual payments,
  • printing of discrete payslips, the possibility of distributing electronic payslips in a password-protected PDF, the possibility of generating electronic payslips on the E-portal,
  • preparation and submission of statutory monthly reports,
  • preparation of confirmation of employee’s income, wage records (“zápočtový list“), pension records and other receipts as required,
  • providing information on major changes in labour law, social security, health insurance and personal income taxes,
  • processing of the annual payroll:
    • completion of annual payslips,
    • execution of the annual tax reconciliation,
    • calculation of the so-called compulsory share of persons with lower working ability.
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