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[Poland] Electronic leave requests – 5 key benefits

The electronic workflow of leave requests (as well as other selected types of absence) allows the process of absence management in an organisation to be measurably improved. The benefits of its use are experienced not only by employers, but also by their employees.

E-leave requests standardise and streamline the process of requesting a leave of absence. The automatic circulation of information makes it possible to significantly reduce the time needed for approving leave. At the same time, it ensures effective control over the entire process. Both employees and their supervisors have constant access to data regarding the number of days off taken and the number of days still to be taken, while supervisors are able to manage their teams more easily. Additionally, HR departments no longer need to collect and store approved absence requests on paper and enter them manually into the ERP system or prepare files to be imported into the system. 

What are the key benefits of implementing electronic leave requests? 

Electronic leave requests are just one of the functionalities of our proprietary Asistar platform. Below we outline the key advantages of this solution for employers. 

  1. Reduced time to process holiday requests 

Filling in an online leave request does not require printing it out and delivering it in paper form to a supervisor. The supervisor does not need to send the request to HR, as everything is done automatically. Once an employee generates a request, it is automatically sent to his/her manager for approval in the form of an email notification.  

Acceptance or rejection of the request by the supervisor(s) can be done in one of these two ways: 

  • directly by e-mail (quick option) 
  • via the system – on the Asistar platform, the absence is accepted (or rejected) and the accepted leave absence is automatically transferred to the ERP system (via the interface). 
  1. Easier monitoring of the process 

 All generated leave requests are available in the Asistar system with their date of generation and current status, both for employees and their managers. Both sides of the process also have real-time and direct access to information on the current status of leave taken and the dates thereof.  

  1. Compliance with the regulations and employee’s working time plan 

In Asistar, the number of days of leave to which an employee is entitled, determined in accordance with the rules of the Labour Code or the specific provisions of the employment contract, is shown. Simultaneously, while requesting leave for a specific time period, the system verifies the data with the employee’s work schedule in the ERP system and reduces the correct number of working days (or hours) corresponding to the leave dates entered in the request. 

  1. For the comfort of employees and managers 

Employees have constant access to information on their current leave entitlement and no longer need to ask the HR department. It takes just a moment to submit an electronic leave request, and the employee is automatically notified of its acceptance (or rejection) via an automatic return email notification from the Asistar system as soon as the supervisor has taken such action. The approval of leave requests on the manager’s side is equally quick and easy – especially with the option to approve or reject the request directly from within the email.

  1. Safe process 

All leave requests are stored in the Asistar system ( simultaneously stored as leave absences in the ERP system), so there is no possibility of them being lost or destroyed. Only authorised persons have access to the data

Learn more:  Asistar employee portal with the e-leave request module 

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