HR Administration in Poland – scope of the HR services

The HR Administration service in Poland is a comprehensive solution thanks to which every employer receives full support at each and every stage of employee hiring.

Our experienced experts take care of the key issues such as keeping employee personal files on paper or in electronic form (E-files) and ensure that all processes comply with statutory and legal requirements.

We know how important a role HR administration processes play in the daily functioning of an organisation and what are the challenges faced by HR teams in Poland. That is why our comprehensive HR administration advisory services go beyond the traditional understanding of these processes.

Apart from standard support relating to HR management, we also offer proven solutions in the area of labour law advisory, PPK administration or processing benefits. Our HR outsourcing services in Poland offer comprehensive care for your organisation, access to services delivered with the highest level of diligence, so that your organisation can achieve its goals without any obstacles.

Contract Administration in Poland offers the following HR services:

  • keeping employee personal files on paper or in electronic form (E-files)
  • data registration in ERP systems
  • preparation of complete employee documentation, including certificates of employment, employment proofs
  • monitoring employment-related deadlines, e.g.:
    • employment contracts
    • medical periodic examinations
    • health and safety trainings
  • determining employee rights (e.g. leaves, notice periods)
  • registration and de-registration of employees and contractors with ZUS
  • compilation of HR data for GUS reports
  • preparation of monthly HR reports
  • support for the client during day-to-day operations (direct contact)
  • support in contacts with external institutions, including those during the inspections from PIP and ZUS
  • monitoring the changes in labour law

HR outsourcing in Poland – selected optional services:

  • registration of an employer (payer of contributions) with ZUS
  • working time settlement (RCP system)
  • on-call duty at the client’s headquarters
  • administration of the PUE system for sick leaves
  • HR review of employee files and preparation of the report after the review
  • support for audits (compilation of data for audits)
  • support in PPK administration
  • processing benefits
  • processing employee requests
  • preparing other reports according to the client’s needs
  • support in the preparation of A1 forms
  • substantive support on selected HR issues during individual workshop meetings

HR outsourcing in Poland

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