5.12.2023 HR and Payroll outsourcing

Payrocks: a new brand in global payroll services market

Contract Administration has joined Payrocks – a new, international network of HR and payroll service providers. This will enable us to offer clients high-quality HR and payroll services in most markets in Europe.

Payrocks is an international alliance of 7 HR and payroll service providers, operating in 13 countries and employing more than 3,000 people. Each member company is a recognised expert in the local market, which guarantees outstanding expertise and full compliance with the regulations of the relevant market. In Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Payrocks is represented by Contract Administration, one of the largest HR and payroll service providers in Central and Eastern Europe, present on the market for more than 30 years.

HR and payroll processing is a very sensitive area that requires special attention, as it can generate compliance risks as well as have an impact on the employer’s reputation. Working with a supplier with excellent knowledge of the local market not only provides security, but also enables processes to be implemented more efficiently. This in turn produces repeatable and consistent results – says Magdalena Aleksandrowicz, CEO of Contract Administration in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Payrocks is also present in Italy, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, the Benelux countries and Andorra.

The companies that form Payrocks are:

  • Contract Administration, operating in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • ZetaService, operating in Italy
  • Atisa Group, operating in Spain, Portugal and Andorra
  • Paychex, operating in Germany
  • Securex, operating in the Benelux countries
  • PayCaptain, established in the United Kingdom
  • Nibelis, operating in France

Payrocks offers clients the choice between a single global payroll service contract and different country-specific contracts, while retaining the highest level of local expertise.

HR and payroll processing across many markets generates quite a few challenges. The biggest is certainly compliance with local regulations, which are becoming increasingly complex, differ from country to country and, on top of that, change frequently. This is the biggest concern for many HR directors. Another major difficulty is the choice between finding a single global provider, who will never understand all national regulations, or signing separate contracts with local experts with in-depth knowledge of the market in question. Experience shows that working with local suppliers guarantees a much higher quality of service and, in addition, does not hinder integration with the main HRIS (Human Resources Information System) – says Thierry Vanbever, Managing Director of the Payrock project.

Payrocks members share the same DNA and values. They focus on direct cooperation with clients and supporting them with their knowledge and professionalism.

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Magdalena Aleksandrowicz CEO of CA in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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