22.03.2023 ZUS

[Poland] Changes in the transfer of electronic sick leaves (e-ZLA) from 24 March 2023

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) has announced that as of March 24, 2023, electronic sick leaves (e-ZLA) will also be transferred to ZUS PUE profiles automatically created by ZUS. This also applies to payers who have not completed profile registration.

Obligation to have an account on PUE ZUS

As a reminder, as of January 1, 2023, every entrepreneur, regardless of the number of employees, is required to have an account on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. If the payer has not created a profile by December 30, 2022, ZUS will do it for him. Read more about this obligation here.

Changes in the transfer of e-ZLA

As of March 24, 2023, electronic L4s (e-ZLAs) will also be transmitted to profiles automatically created by ZUS, even if the registration process has not been completed by the payer. Individuals for whom an account has been automatically created or who have not completed the registration process do not have access to the PUE ZUS profile. Without access, the payer cannot, for example, read ZUS correspondence.

Get access to the PUE ZUS profile automatically created by ZUS

Maintaining an active profile in PUE ZUS is the payer’s responsibility if one settles contributions. To activate an account which has been automatically set up by ZUS, it is necessary to complete registration. To log in to PUE ZUS, you need to obtain login credentials, i.e. a PUE login and a one-time password. These can be obtained during a visit to ZUS or an e-visit (proof of identity is required). After logging in, set a new password and complete the missing data.

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