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[Czech Republic] HR and payroll in Czech Republic 2024 – comprehensive guide for employers

Employers hiring employees in the Czech Republic face an overly complex legislation and a high dynamism of legal changes every day. Failure to comply with their obligations can result in high financial penalties as well as the risk of intangible losses. Download the free Contract Administration HR and payroll 2024 guide and learn more about the most important aspects of hiring employees in the Czech Republic.

Do you want to increase your knowledge of HR and payroll services and ensure that your HR processes are compliant with current legislation? Find out how to properly hire employees in Poland, what obligations employers have to their employees and what rights and obligations the person hired has.

We have summarised for you the most important information on issues such as:

  • Hiring employees in the Czech Republic
  • Remuneration
  • Taxes and social security contributions
  • HR and payroll documentation
  • Leaves and sick leaves
  • Privileges for parents
  • Contract termination
  • Inspections at employing entities

In the guide HR and payroll in the Czech Republic 2024, you will find information on, inter alia:

What types of contracts are available in the Czech Republic?

What is the minimum remuneration in the Czech Republic?

What obligations do employers have to fulfil towards a new employee?

What elements does an employee’s pay consist of?

What is a pay slip?

What dimension of leave are employees entitled to in the Czech Republic?

How much is sick pay and by whom is it financed?

What type of leave are parents entitled to?

What form of contract termination is available to an employee?

What does collective redundancy consist of?

What types of inspections may an employer be subject to?

HR and payroll in the Czech Republic 2024 – to whom is the guide addressed?

The HR and payroll guide is designed to help entrepreneurs, managers and business owners to better understand the rules of employing and remunerating employees in the Czech Republic . It is addressed both to entities already operating on the Czech market and those just considering their presence in the Czech Republic.

We particularly recommend downloading the guide by:

Entrepreneurs hiring employees

Payroll department employees

HR department employees


Foreign companies hiring employees in Czech Republic

Foreign companies planning to enter the Czech market

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