26.06.2020 Labour law

[Poland] The additional childcare allowance will be extended

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy has announced that the additional childcare allowance for parents of children under eight will be paid until July 12.

Additional childcare allowance, paid for each day of care of a child up to 8 years old in the case when parents cannot send their child to the facility despite opening it, will be extended by another 14 days, that is until 12 July 2020.

In addition, as it is now, additional childcare allowance will be available to parents:

  • due to the inability of the nannies or day carers to take care of a child because of COVID-19,
  • due to temporary restrictions on the operation of these facilities due to the COVID-19, for as long as these facilities do not provide care,
  • if eligible parents or guardians decide not to use the services of a care facility and continue to provide personal care,

but no longer than up to July 12th.

Additional childcare allowance is not included in the limit of 60 days of childcare allowance granted on the so-called general rules and available in a given calendar year.

Important! Additional childcare allowance is paid to the mother or father of a child, depending on which parent applied for it. You should apply for the benefit in the form of an application submitted to your employer or ordering party, or if running your own business directly to ZUS. The amount of the benefit is 80% of the remuneration received.

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