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[Poland] Employee e-file – the digitalisation of HR processes

More and more companies are enjoying the benefits of digital transformation and taking advantage of modern solutions for streamlining business processes. The employee e-file is one such tool. It not only enables online management of employee personnel files, but also provides for the automation of HR processes.

Employers can decide to keep employee records in paper form or electronically as from 1 January 2019. Switching to e-files is possible at any time, but it is a process requiring preparation. First, it is important to understand what an e-file is and the benefits it offers.

The electronic file is a central database of employee documents in digital form. It contains, among others, employment contracts, annexes, leave requests, salary certificates or working time records. It can also include insurance and tax documentation, or documentation related to Employee Capital Plans (PPK). All documents in the e-file are provided with metadata and need to meet certain quality parameters. Employee files which previously functioned in paper form have to be additionally signed with a seal or electronic signature after scanning. In this way – under the law – they are fully equivalent to paper documents and are properly secured. Each document is given a unique registration number – explains Elżbieta Miękus, COO of Contract Administration in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia in an article for BPCC Contact Magazine.

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Elżbieta Miękus COO of CA in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia

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