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[Poland] Contract Administration in the new office in Łódź!

We share great news! In the first quarter of 2024, in order to increase the comfort of our team’s work and be closer to our clients and partners, we moved to a new location in Łódź. Currently, we provide HR and payroll services for the clients of our Łódź office in one of the most modern office complexes on the local market.

Combining history with modernity

We have been operating in Łódź for nearly 20 years. Our new office is located in Fuzja – a small, modern district in the very center of Łódź, where history is naturally intertwined with modernity. The heart of Fuzja is the historic Karol Scheibler power plant, which impresses with its impressive interiors and architectural details. Office buildings naturally exist next to residential buildings, and the whole thing is connected by Anna’s Gardens and plenty of greenery around. Other historic interiors of the complex are beginning to be occupied by restaurants, bakeries, confectioneries and small services for local residents and employees.

When we came to Fuzja for the first time, we immediately felt the uniqueness of this place – on the one hand, a great location, a high standard of office space, and on the other hand, brick walls remembering Łódź factory owners, blended into the modern façade of completely new office buildings. History complements the present, what is new emphasizes the value of what is old – together we create something that makes us feel good here – says Małgorzata Riabcew, Director of the Contract Administration Branch in Łódź.

A creative touch to the office

The CA team was strongly involved in the furnishing of our new workplace – thanks to this, the office is very industrial and fits the local spirit, and thus perfectly interacts with the entire character of the Fuzja complex.

On one of the walls we can find, for example, words typical of the Łódź region, such as migawka – monthly pass, krancówka – terminus, or galanty – large. Elsewhere, there are signs with the names of the streets where you could find the Contract Administration in Łódź before we moved into the current location. Renata Krawczyk, an illustrator from Łódź, took care of the artistic finishing of our space, creating a unique graphic for us, which is the central point of the office. You will find characteristic buildings of Łódź and other elements for which Łódź is famous. In this way, we have a constant view of the Poznański Palace, Manufaktura, and even the Teddy Bear!

Contract Administration Offices

In Poland, we are present in Łódź, Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. We also have offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We employ over 250 employees, including the best experts in the field of HR and payroll.

In each of our offices, we provide our clients with comprehensive HR and payroll support. We also offer access to technological solutions that enable the optimization and digitization of HR processes.

Welcome to CA!

Source: EchoInvestment

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