1.10.2021 Labour law

[Poland] Working time in 2022 – dimension and days off

How will working time be structured in 2022 and how many days off will employees be entitled to?

Working time determines the amount of time which an employee should work in a given settlement period, and it is up to the employer to establish this correctly. The settlement period can last from 1 month to 12 months.

The rules for determining the dimension of working time in a given settlement period are regulated by the Labour Code and the dimension is calculated as follows:

1. By multiplying 40 hours by the number of weeks in the settlement period, and
2. By multiplying 8 hours by the number of days, Monday to Friday, remaining in the settlement period.

The maximum working time for employees shall not exceed 8 hours per day and an average of 40 hours in an average five-day week, and each public holiday falling on a day other than Sunday shall reduce working time by 8 hours.

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Working time in 2022 – public holidays and working days

In 2022 there is one public holiday falling on a Saturday and that is 1 January, i.e. New Year’s Day. Therefore, one public holiday must be added to the working hours, which means that when making the appropriate calculations, we will get the following figures for working hours in 2022:

  • number of working hours – 2008,
  • number of working days – 251 days,
  • number of public holidays – 114,

and public holidays (13 days) in 2022 will fall on the following dates:

  • 1 January – New Year’s Day (Saturday),
  • 6 January – Epiphany (Thursday),
  • 17 April – First day of Easter (Sunday),
  • 18 April – Second day of Easter (Monday),
  • 1 May – National Holiday (Sunday),
  • 3 May – National Holiday of the Third of May (Tuesday),
  • 5 June – first day of Pentecost (Sunday),
  • 16 June – Corpus Christi Day (Thursday),
  • 15 August – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Monday),
  • 1 November – All Saints’ Day (Tuesday),
  • 11 November – National Independence Day (Friday),
  • 25 December – First Christmas Day (Sunday),
  • 26 December – Second Christmas Day (Monday).

The President has now submitted a bill to the Sejm that provides for the introduction of a new public holiday in 2022 – the National Day of the Victorious Wielkopolska Uprising. The holiday is to be celebrated on 27 December, but the draft does not provide for it to be a public holiday.

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