27.01.2022 Taxes

[Poland] Will the middle class not lose out on the Polish Order? Accountants not entirely convinced

The mechanism for extending the deadlines for the collection and transfer of advance PIT payments introduced by the regulation will be addressed by an Act. However, accountants and human resources experts agree that this will not dispel all doubts.

The Government Legislation Centre has published a draft Act providing for postponing the deadline for collecting advance PIT payments to the last day of a given year. There is also a proposal to extend the middle class relief to, among others, contractors and pensioners. However, accountants and human resources experts have doubts whether this will solve the problem of collecting advance payments for income tax and whether the middle class will not actually lose out on the Polish Order.

Analysing the tax and legal aspects of the current situation, we have modified our processes and systems, which allows us to make corrections to the tax calculations already made and, from February, to settle the payroll in accordance with the amended Act. However, we still do not know how the annual settlement will look like, both for the remitter and the taxpayer. We are waiting for changes to the Act and executive regulations – says Magdalena Aleksandrowicz, Contract Administration CEO, in a statement for the PulsHR portal.

The article is available in Polish only.

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