18.03.2022 Labour law

[Slovakia] Covid 19 and the new conditions

The Slovak government has approved new anti-pandemic requirements for the employees.

According to these, the employers are obliged to check the Covid status of employees. If the worker refuses to prove himself, the employer cannot let him into the workplace.

If the employee is not vaccinated or has not overcome the disease, the employer must allow him a test, at the employer’s expense. If the employee refuses, he is not entitled to a compensation, unless the employee and the employer agree on other options (e.g. vacation).

What’s changing:

  • Employers overcoming will be required to check Covid employees’ passports confirming vaccination or the disease,
  • Covid passports will thus be mandatory for entry into the job, unvaccinated employees will have to be tested,
  • Employees who do not meet the conditions will not be entitled to any kind of compensation,
  • In addition to the vaccinated-tested-recovered rule, the employer will have to test his employees once a week, the state shall reimburse or provide the necessary tests,
  • The employee’s test record must contain the name, surname, birth number, test date, test result, employee’s signature and the signature of the authorized person,
  • In case of disrespecting of rules, there may be a fine of up to 700 euros.

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