31.03.2023 Business

[Slovak] Legislative changes in Slovakia (effective April – July 2023)

From April 1, 2023 there will be an increase in compensation for the use of a private vehicle in the following amount:

  • single-wheel vehicles and tricycles = EUR 0.067,
  • passenger road motor vehicles = EUR 0.239.

Subsidy for meals from May 1, 2023

As a result of the increasing costs of families with children, changes have been made in connection with subsidies for meals for school children. All pupils in the last year of kindergartens and elementary schools will be entitled to free lunches but their parents must submit the request. According to the approved amendment to the law, the subsidy is not limited by the household income limit. The amount of the provided subsidy is as follows:

  • child in kindergarten = EUR 1.40
  • child in the 1st grade of elementary school = EUR 2.10
  • child in the 2nd grade of elementary school = EUR 2.30

As of May 1, the tax bonus and meal subsidy for children will be introduced again. 

Changes in the premiums as of June 1, 2023

Premium for:Fixed amounts before the legislation changeNew amounts (linked to % of min. salary)
working on Saturdaymin. 1,79 €min. 2,012 € 
working on Sundaymin. 3,58 €min. 4,023 € 
working at night (with risk)min. 1,79 €min. 2,012 € 
working at night (without risk)min. 1,43 €min. 1,609 € 

Cancellation of concessionaire fees from July 1, 2023

Concession fees for radio and television have been abolished and will not have to be paid from July 1, 2023. We therefore recommend that standing payment orders for this to be canceled from that date. If you have already paid in advance for the whole year, it will be necessary to request a refund.

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