8.06.2021 Salary

[Poland] Polish New Order: Salary Calculator for 2022

The Ministry of Finance launched a tool enabling the calculation of salaries in 2022, which takes into account the proposals contained in the Polish New Order governmental program.

The salary calculator calculates a monthly net salary based on the planned changes to be introduced by the Polish New Order, including:

  • Higher tax-free amount – PLN 30 000
  • Higher second tax bracket – PLN 120 000 (now PLN 85 528)
  • Relief for those earning in the range of PLN 68 600 – PLN 133 600 (the so-called middle class relief)
  • No tax deduction for health insurance contributions

The tool takes into account contributions to the PPK (Employee Capital Plans) and work outside the place of residence.

The salary calculator is available here.

The Polish Order is the governmental economic program which, among other things, introduces tax changes. According to the announcements, 10 bills are to be drafted in the next 100 days to implement the program assumptions.

However, already at this legislative stage, there appear first proposals for adjusting those assumptions with regard to, among other things, health contributions.

See also: The New Order – planned changes to the health contribution

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