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[Poland] Honorary blood donor – how many days off work and when?

What are the rules for granting leave from work to honorary blood donors? The following article explains when an employer is obliged to give an employee who is a blood donor time off from work.

Honorary Blood Donor – who is she/he and what privileges does she/he gain?

 The title of “Honorary Blood Donor” is granted to a person who has donated blood free of charge and has been registered at the Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Centre. In addition, the title and badge of “Distinguished Honorary Blood Donor” are granted to:

  • every woman who donated at least 5 litres of blood,
  • to every man who donated at least 6 litres of blood, and
  • to anyone who donated an amount of other blood components corresponding to this volume.

Both of these titles come with additional privileges and entitlements, including days off from work. Pursuant to Art. 9.1 and Art. 9a. 1 of the Act of August 22, 1997 on public blood service, a Honorary Blood Donor is exempt from work in:

  • the day on which she/he donates blood or a blood component, and
  • on the next day, and
  • for the period of periodic medical examination of blood donors on the terms specified in separate regulations.

You can read more about the privileges of blood donors here

When does an employer grant a blood donor leave from work?

The rules for granting leave from work for the time of donating blood are regulated by the following provisions:

In the light of applicable regulations, the employer grants the employee leave from work on the day on which the employee donates blood and on the following day, as well as for the period of periodic medical examination of blood donors if the employee is unable to do so in free time.

Moreover, leave from work for donating blood is paid, so the employee retains the right to remuneration for this time, the amount of which is determined on the same principles as the amount of remuneration for holiday leave. Payroll calculation: find out how we can help

In order to obtain leave from work, the employee/blood donor should:

  • inform the employer in advance about your absence in connection with the planned blood donation,
  • provide the employer with a document confirming donation of blood or plasma, i.e. present a certificate issued by the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment, the Military Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment of the Ministry of National Defence or the Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Centre of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

It is worth noting that an employee/blood donor may also receive a few hours of leave from work, even if the blood donation was not due to medical reasons (in such a case, it is equally important for the employee to have a certificate issued by the blood donation station).

What about donating blood while on holiday?

An employee is not entitled to a day off from work for donating blood while on vacation leave. Leave from work for a blood donor applies only on the day on which the employee/blood donor was supposed to work. Therefore, an employee who does not work cannot apply to the employer for a day off after returning from leave if she/he donated blood at a blood donation station during the leave.

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