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[Poland] PIP plan for 2023 – more inspections

In 2023, the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) plans to carry out 60 000 inspections. It will focus, inter alia, on topics such as legal labour protection and mobbing.

Numerous inspections and processing of employee complaints

In 2023, the National Labour Inspectorate plans to carry out up to 60 000 inspections, which is 8 000 more than planned for 2022. The Inspectorate’s core tasks would be to examine employee complaints and fight against mobbing. Moreover, it is planned to cover around 35 000 entities with preventive measures.

The inspections are to address in particular the following issues:

  • correct employment under civil law contracts,
  • infringement of provisions on working time,
  • infringement of provisions on the payment of remuneration and other benefits under the employment relationship.

These are the areas in which most violations are recorded.

Moreover, due to the numerous changes in labour law and the need to update national legislation to EU requirements, the PIP will also provide free consultations for entrepreneurs.

New tasks for PIP

In 2023, the National Labour Inspectorate’s activities will include additional tasks, which are related to the new legislation coming into force. The new areas of focus for the PIP will include, among others, the bridging pensions, the mobility package and remote work.

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Preventive and counselling actions an important add-on

Preventive and counselling actions will complement the PIP plan for 2023. In this area, it is particularly important to mention the crucial awareness-raising campaign aimed at young people and those entering the labour market.

The PIP’s advisory actions are intended to help shape the labour market in Poland, raise awareness among both future and current employees and reduce the number of labour law violations.

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