Employers’ challenges 2023 – survey results

The greatest challenge for employers in 2023 will be wage pressure (salary growth) and difficulties in recruiting employees, a survey by Crowe, Contract Administration and TGC Corporate Lawyers shows. Frequent changes in labour and tax legislation also continue to be a major problem for companies. On the other hand, the wellbeing of employees is becoming an increasingly important aspect.

Up to 90% of employers indicate that meeting the increasing pay demands of employees will be the biggest challenge over the coming months. At the same time, 64% of companies anticipate considerable difficulties in attracting suitable job candidates.

‘Despite the predicted crisis, the employee market is doing well, although we have observed stabilisation in recent months. However, there is still a fight for candidates when it comes to recruiting specialists, further intensifying wage pressure’ – says Joanna Szymańska – Świć, HR Director of Advartis Group.

Problematic legislative amendments

Over the coming months, 57% of employers surveyed expect more legislative amendments. These not only result in increased costs, but also in a need to adapt procedures, IT systems and documentation to the changes.

‘A major amendment to the Labour Code is to come, which, among other things, will regulate remote working and introduce the option of monitoring the sobriety of employees. Employers will also face the need to implement whistleblower protection. Although these changes are viewed positively by the majority of companies surveyed, it takes a lot of work and investment on the part of employers to prepare for them’ – comments Wojciech Marczyszyn, CEO of TGC Corporate Lawyers.

40% of the companies that took part in the survey keep up to date with emerging changes in labour and tax legislation, while more than half of employers are unsure whether their processes are fully compliant with current regulations.

Remote working – most of it unchanged

The remote or hybrid working model is now well accepted by the market. A survey by Crowe, Contract Administration and TGC Corporate Lawyers shows that the majority of companies have already developed solutions that are optimal for their needs. In 2023, 51% of employers do not plan to change the current model, while 16% of those surveyed intend to offer employees more flexibility in choosing the model. Only 11% of companies want to encourage employees to come to the office more frequently.

Most of the employers surveyed adapt the working model to the specific job, as it is not always possible to perform duties remotely. 18% of the surveyed companies work exclusively from the office, while only 4% operate entirely remotely.

Wellbeing becoming more and more important

By 2023, almost half of the respondents of the survey have no plans to introduce new benefits. Those organisations that do intend to do so will prefer benefits broadly related to employee wellbeing, including mental health support packages.

The survey, Employers’ Challenges 2023, was carried out in 2022/2023 by Crowe, Contract Administration and TGC Corporate Lawyers. A total of 58 respondents from management, HR, finance and administration departments took part in the survey.

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