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[Czech Republic] Program for trainees in Contract Administration

Contract Administration offers complex HR and payroll services. We have been operating on the market for over 30 years and we employ more than 250 people at our seven branches in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Our main priority is to constantly develop and improve the quality of services we provide to our clients.

However, an integral part of building the prosperity of the field is also the education of students. We do not want to be idle in this activity either so in the first half of this year we welcomed two trainees, Vítek and Matouš, who tried out their workload in the field of payroll processing and personnel administration, thanks to which they got practical experience during their high school studies. In our team they could try working with accounting programs and they could experience the specifics of this field first-hand.

“In addition to monthly payroll processing, our main activity is also communication with authorities, processing of executions and insolvencies and the basics of HR, ie. preparation of contracts for employees, preparation of input and output documents, personal questionnaires, tax documents and many other annual matters. For example, these include annual tax reconciliation, annual advance and withholding tax summary statements, reporting the fulfillment of a mandatory share, etc.

Students learn basic responsibilities. Of course, if they do something wrong, it has consequences. I think it’s such a school of life for them,” said Senior Payroll Accountant Zuzka Čechová.

Students Vítek and Matouš spent several weeks among us in the CA program for trainees.

What has the practice given them?

“My practice has brought me many new experiences. But what is the most important for me is that I was able to try out a job that I can do in the future and that my high school is preparing me for,” said Vítek.

Matouš adds: “I am also very happy for this opportunity and great experience, because I was able to try out the work that my field leads me to at school and experience all the processes.”

Vítek, Matouš, how would you evaluate communication at the workplace and overall internal relations?

“We are both excited in this regard. Everybody was nice, friendly and very accommodating. They helped us every time we needed it.”

Currently a student Sofie is among us. “Sofie, will you share with us what your main activity is now and what do you enjoy most about payroll services?”

“I am currently preparing handover protocols and I am sorting folders so that they can be handed over to the clients. Sometimes I also help with hiring new employees and payroll archiving. What I enjoy the most is that I encounter something new with almost every task I do, and it gives me more new experiences,” said Sofia.

Martin Svoboda Payroll Business Development Manager

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