13.10.2022 Salary

[Czech Republic] Graceful summer and change of non-confiscable amounts

Between 1 September 2022 and 30 November 2022, people in foreclosure can take advantage of the second event called “graceful summer”. This is an event where the state forgives liable persons penalties, interest and other fees that were in addition to the original principal of debt.

People who are in foreclosure against the state, state companies, local governments, health insurance companies and other entities can notify the bailiff that they want to participate in the graceful summer. The bailiff should inform the liable person of the current principal balance and if the liable person pays it along with the amount of CZK 1,815 (reimbursement of costs to the bailiff) by 30 November 2022, all other fees, interests, and penalties will be forgiven. The liable person thus has the opportunity to get rid of at least part of his/her debts. More information can be found at www.milostiveleto.cz.

Change of non-confiscable amounts

From 1 October 2022, new non-confiscable amount for the liable person and the dependent apply. As a result of the change in the standard cost of living, the new non-confiscable amount per liable person is now CZK 11,103.75 and per dependent CZK 3,701.25.

Martin Svoboda
Payroll Development Specialist

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