23.09.2022 Labour law

[Czech Republic] Entrance medical examinations might be changed

The Ministry of Health is preparing a change to the decree that would make it unnecessary for some new employees to undergo an entrance medical examination. The obligation to undergo an entrance medical examination applies to all employees working on main employment relationship, regardless of the type of work they do. This is often criticized as an unnecessarily heavy administrative burden, especially for employees in the so-called first category of work, which includes most administrative staff.

The abolition of medical examinations for employees in the second category is also under negotiation, but the final amendment to the decree mandating medical examinations is not yet ready. The abolition would relieve some employers of both the administrative burden and the financial burden, as the costs of the entrance medical examination are borne by the employer.

Although opinions differ on the abolition of medical examinations, it is true that for administrative workers, there is indeed usually only a formal approval and the medical examination becomes meaningless. Let us therefore hope that, at least for the first category of work, this obligation will be abolished.

Ivana Brancuzká
Director of Payroll Division in CZ

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