5.05.2020 ZUS

[Poland] Coronavirus: applications for exemption from ZUS contributions and downtime benefits only online

The draft bill on interest rate subsidies to bank loans granted to entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 provides that applications for exemption from social security (ZUS) contributions and for downtime benefits can only be submitted online.

The new way of submitting applications through the Electronic Services Platform (E-Service Platform PUE) is to ensure quick and efficient processing of the case and payment granting, and any additional participation of the applicant in the whole process is to be limited to the absolute minimum.

The new draft bill also provides for the possibility to sign electronically the application concerning the method of confirming the origin and integrity of the data. The mechanism of the e-signature is to be made available free of charge by ZUS in the system and will not require the installation of any additional IT tools and programmes. At present, such a solution functions in the IT system of the social security organ.

According to ZUS data, since the beginning of April 2020, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) has received 1.9 million applications for support under the anti-crisis shield, half of which were submitted online:

  • 70% of the applications concerned exemption from social security contributions for 3 months
  • 27% are applications for downtime benefit
  • 3% of the applications concerned reductions in the payment of contributions

The draft bill on interest rate subsidies to bank loans granted to entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 is currently awaiting its first reading in the Sejm.

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