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23.05.2023 HR and Payroll outsourcing

[Poland] Webinar: HR and payroll outsourcing vs. in-house model – comparing costs, risks and benefits

Is outsourcing HR and payroll likely to be more beneficial for my company than implementing such a process using in-house resources? Watch a recording of Contract Administration’s free webinar and find out the key differences in costs, risks and benefits in the outsourcing and in-house model. We will help you choose the optimal solution for your organisation.

During the webinar, we compared the advantages and challenges of both strategies to help participants make an informed decision. We outlined the differences between HR and payroll outsourcing and the in-house model in terms of cost, efficiency, control, data security, scalability, and flexibility. We talked about the benefits and potential drawbacks as well as performance management and control in both models.

Webinar date: 20 June 2023
 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

What will you learn from the webinar recording?

  • Is outsourcing HR and payroll a good solution for your company?
  • What aspects are worth paying attention to when deciding on an HR and payroll service model?

Watch the recording and get information that will help you decide on the optimal HR and payroll management strategy for your company.

To whom was the webinar designed?

We especially invite any companies which:

  • plan to outsource their HR and/or payroll operations to an external company
  • wish to increase the security of HR and payroll processes
  • look for an optimisation in the area of HR and payroll
  • struggle with staff shortages within their in-house team
  • seek modern HR and payroll solutions
  • wish to act in accordance with the rules, without burdening their team with additional responsibilities

Outsourcing HR and payroll vs. In-house model – webinar agenda

  1. Confidentiality and protection of personal data
  • Does outsourcing provide an adequate level of data security?           
  • Under which model is it easier to ensure the confidentiality of wages?

2. Process control

  • Will I lose control over the process by outsourcing HR and payroll?
  • What is the division of responsibilities when working with an outsourcer?

3. Liability and compliance

  • Who is responsible for the compliance of HR and payroll processes according to the current legislation?
  • How can risks be adequately covered?

4. HR and payroll system

In-house HR and payroll system vs. outsourcing:

  • Functionalities
  • Costs
  • Updates

5. Process continuity

  • How do I secure the continuity of HR and payroll processes in the event of staff shortages or other emergencies?
  • Which model will provide my company with a higher level of security?

5. Costs – outsourcing HR and payroll vs. in-house model

  • Administrative costs
  • Employment costs
  • Financial flexibility
  • Bonus for participants

Once the event was over, all webinar participants received a checklist containing the most important points to review before working with an outsourcing company.


Katarzyna Stachniuk Manager in the Strategic Consulting Department
Contract Administration
Sylwia Kuczyńska Strategic Account Manager, Contract Administration

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